Should Your Hotel Have A Blog? (Why and Why Not)

Blogging is a powerful, effective content marketing tool. But if you ask around, you’ll learn that many hotels don’t bother with it. So how do you decide whether your hotel should have a blog?

I won’t lie to you: Running a successful blog on your hotel website requires time, planning, and resources. Hotel blogging is also not a quick-win or one-size-fits-all strategy.

Depending on your team’s workload or your target audience, blogging might not be right for your hotel.

Yet there are still a few compelling reasons to consider adding a hotel blog to your website.

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Why should your hotel have a blog?

Blogging keeps your hotel website fresh & Relevant

There are many factors that contribute to a successful hotel SEO strategy. One such factor? Relevance. Hotel blogs are a great way to show Google that your website has fresh content—and that it’s actually relevant to users.

Updating your internal pages every other week is labor-intensive and unnecessary.

But a blog?

By nature, blogging requires publishing new posts with some level of consistency. This alone signals to search engines like Google that your website isn’t just sitting there on the web, outdated and ignored.

Blogging helps you reach the right audience

The best hotel blog content helps potential guests get the answers they need about your destination or property.

Think back to the customer path-to-purchase: How do your guests start their booking journey? Most start by searching on Google for increasingly specific keywords.

If you’ve already seen our guide to finding the right SEO keywords for your hotel, you’re ahead of the game. You can use that keyword research to direct the topics of your blog posts.

Provide your potential guests with all the relevant information they need to make their booking decision.

Your hotel blog should make use of one of your best marketing assets: your team.

Your hotel blog should make use of one of your best marketing assets: your team.

Blogging gives your hotel authority

One of the best reasons to have a hotel blog is to showcase your local knowledge! Use your blog to connect readers to exclusive local tips and insights from your team.

Your colleagues are one of your most valuable marketing assets. Talk to your concierge, restaurant manager, guest relations coordinator, or anyone else willing to contribute.

Hotel blogs also work well to grow brand awareness, particularly for independent hotels and boutique hotels.

Likewise, you should always tailor your blog to the audience you want to reach.

If your hotel relies on corporate business, you could write content targeted to meeting planners. What are their pain points and how can your hotel address them? What are the latest meeting trends?

Hotel blogging can help position your property’s sales or event managers as industry experts. This is just one way to build trust and authority with potential clients.

Blogging powers every other marketing channel

Something we hotel marketers often hear is that our work has to touch every single department in the building. It’s true: We need our colleagues in the front office, F&B, housekeeping, and everywhere in between. Without their exceptional delivery of the product, our marketing efforts would fall on deaf ears.

Blogging is like that, but for our overall hotel marketing strategy.

Need to breathe life into a boring sales email? Include a blog post detailing ten exciting new trends for meeting planners.

How about spicing up that boring in-room compendium? Repurpose your best blogs about local points of interest or activities.

Blog content provides the link between external social media posts and your owned website. Blogging is the fuel that powers your organic search traffic and fills your funnel with qualified, interested customers.

But still, blogging is just one part of a well-rounded hotel content marketing plan.

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Blogging helps your hotel website stay fresh and updated, but that’s not the only reason to have a hotel blog.

Blogging helps your hotel website stay fresh and updated, but that’s not the only reason to have a hotel blog.

Why should your hotel NOT have a blog?

You don’t have other active marketing channels

Blogging alone is not an effective marketing strategy. You need to have other active marketing channels, too.

What’s the point of writing a blog if you’re not going to show it to anyone?

This starts with having a presence on various social media channels. You don’t necessarily need to be posting on every single one. Being active and consistent on 1-2 if often more effective. Know where your target audience likes to “hang out” on social media and be present there.

Email marketing is also an important promotional channel. Nurturing and growing a profitable email list requires providing valuable content. Keep your subscribers engaged by adding relevant blog posts to your newsletters or sales emails.

You don’t have the resources

This might be the main reason many hotels don’t have a blog.

Hotel marketing departments are stretched pretty thin as-is. Many hotel marketers are a team of one or might be solely responsible for multiple properties.

Finding the time to craft compelling, consistent blog content—on top of many other tasks—can sometimes feel next to impossible.

If you’re not able to personally plan, write, edit, publish and promote blog content yourself, don't sweat it. Consider whether you could train colleagues in other departments to help.

Looking externally could be an option, too. Try sourcing articles from local bloggers in your destination. You could also make guest blogging part of your influencer marketing strategy. Or you could always hire an expert hotel blog writer!

Considering the above, do you think your hotel should have a blog? If you’re still not sure if blogging is right for your hotel, get in touch to book a free consultation.

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